In Norman Rockwell paintings, Thanksgiving is the time of year to gather round the table with beloved family members and dig into a lavish meal lovingly prepared by mom. In reality, it’s that Thursday where you show up at your grandma’s house hungover and get to tell every family member why you’re unmarried. And yes, that philosophy degree is going to be super helpful for my career, thank you very much. Not in the mood to eat turkey with crazy uncles? Check out these amazing Thanksgiving vacation ideas instead.

The Big Apple, Side of Mashed Potatoes
Body - NYC in Fall

After the food and the football game, what’s the most iconic part of any T-day celebration? It’s got to be the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. That’s why one of the best Thanksgiving vacations is none other than the Big Apple. In New York, there’s no end to the attractions, and your itinerary could range from admiring art at the Guggenheim to jumping on the giant floor piano mat at FAO Schwarz a la Tom Hanks in Big. On Thanksgiving Day, head to the streets and get a prime position along the parade route along with a million other screaming fans. Don’t forget to wave to the cameras and say hi to mom back home!

South Beach for the Holidays
Body - miami south beach

Some of the best Thanksgiving getaways take you far, far away from the threat of snow and blizzards and ice storms. One great option is to head to South Beach in Miami, Florida. Leave behind your 80s hairstyles and your jackets with the shoulder pads, because this isn’t Miami Vice. Today’s South Beach is all about seeing and being seen…and wearing as little as possible in the process. Temps in the 80s mean you can take a dip in the ocean, attend a rooftop pool party overlooking the Versace Mansion or just wear an actual dress (no pantyhose!!!) during Thanksgiving dinner. Forget the traditional spread and indulge in some seafood, and skip the red wine for a giant frozen margarita and a view of the water.

Escape the Country Completely
Body - caribbean

Cheap Thanksgiving vacations don’t have to mean a Bates-esque motel in the middle of nowhere. Surprisingly, a cruise to the Caribbean can be a pretty cheap option, especially if you stick to the bottom-shelf booze and don’t need an upgraded room. Since October and November tend to be rainier months in places like Mexico and the Caribbean, cruises often don’t fill up, leaving plenty of affordable spots open. Honestly, what’s the chance of a little thunder compared to an inquisition from your mother-in-law? The best bet for budget travelers are cruises that depart from ports in Florida and head out to sea for less than a week, leaving you plenty of time to forget all about the “Downton Abbey” drama going on back home.

There’s no rule that says you have to put up with your relatives on Thanksgiving. Save the crazy for Christmas, and get away from it all to one of these amazing destinations.