As someone who grew up in California, I generally shy away from activities involving ice, snow, or the overall discomfort that comes with being so cold that you think your toes have fallen off. Wariness aside, I can definitely get on board with ice bars.

The drinks served will be frostier than your ex-girlfriend’s heart, and you never have to worry about dressing to impress. These icy establishments supply parkas to huddle underneath, meaning you can keep chugging your alcoholic beverage long into the night without fear of frostbite. These cold cocktail corrals are the perfect place to kick back and enjoy an ice cold…well, anything:

The SnowCastle of Kemi – Kemi, Finland

Home to melodious metal music and pickled herring, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Finland embraces unorthodox activities. More than just a bar, the SnowCastle houses a hotel, restaurant, and SnowChapel—just in case you have a few too many cold ones and feel the urge to marry your lady love. Located on the Gulf of Bothnia, this establishment brings together crystalline architecture and contemporary accommodations. Take the Olokolo for instance. These cubbies are built inside the castle walls and fit one or two people, with transparent ceilings so you can view the night sky (bonus points if you catch the Northern Lights).

Photos by Timo Laapotti

Snow Bar inside Käfer by The Binjiang One – Shanghai, China

Located inside Shanghai’svKäfer by The Binjiang One restaurant, Snow Bar is the only bar of its kind in the city. Offering over 150 types of vodka, Snow Bar is a force to be reckoned with—it only offers libations in the form of shots, so don’t try to order a vodka cran. Luckily, your sub-zero surroundings will make the alcohol much more palatable, meaning you don’t have to be shy about ordering another round.

ICEBAR LONDON – London, England

Like everything in jolly old England, ICEBAR LONDON is a little bit classier than your normal frozen watering hole. This swanky joint advertises that all of its ice comes from the pristine waters of the Torne River in Sweden. What can you sip from your icy tumbler? ICEBAR LONDON has an impressive cocktail menu including gems like the Blue Blazer (Four Roses Bourbon®, Blue Curacao liqueur, ginger ale, lemon juice) and the Fusion (Beefeater® gin, crème de cassis liqueur, cranberry juice, lychee juice). Don’t forget to down your drink with your pinky up, old chap. Oh, and did we mention they have a restaurant serving warm dishes as well? Yup! Prepare your taste buds for feasting on classic British fare like cod and chips, flat iron steak with duck fat fries, or Yorkshire pudding with gravy.

ICEBAR by ICEHOTEL- Jukkasjärv, Sweden

This hot spot claims to be the original ice bar, which is a title it doesn’t take lightly. Since 1994, this Swedish frozen fish has been serving up alcoholic fun and letting the Swedes get down with their bad selves. From an entire dance floor made of snow to lounge areas and booths carved from solid ice, ICEBAR takes the tundra to a whole new level. Cozy up to some new frozen friends, and don’t be shy about asking for a little Swedish massage as the night comes to a close.

Hotel de Glace Ice Bar – Quebec City, Canada

Trying to get a little frigid and frisky in Canada, eh? Make your way oot to Hotel de Glace’s Ice Bar to find out why the Canucks are so dang happy all the time. Visually stunning, this ice bar was sculpted by the pros, and features intricately carved ice towers and crystalline walkways—a true winter wonderland. The effect will make you feel like you’re living in an icy castle, so snuggle into your parka and call yourself the king of Narnia…err, Canada. Able to fit up to 400 people, you’re in for a party that’s truly chill.

Photo by Philippe Renaud
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