You love your partner dearly. She’s your snuggle bunny, your love dove, and all those other saccharine terms you won’t admit to in public, but you seem to have this uncanny knack for choosing gifts she hates. On Valentine’s Day, that habit can quickly lead to a moody feud, if not an outright war. Maybe it was the pair of his-and-hers tongue scrapers that did it, or the zebra-print Snuggie™, but it’s clear you’ve left your better half cold. But you can get out of the dog house and back into the bedroom with one of these idyllic trips for two:

Whisper Sweet Nothings in Stowe, Vermont

Cw07_1_Stowe Village

Romance is alive and thriving in the quintessentially vintage realm of Vermont, New England. Winter may be roaming the land, sweeping through forests of sugar maple and yellow birch, but you and your sweetheart will be ensconced under the roof of a cozy inn. Enjoy the old world charm of the Green Mountain Inn or curl up together by the hearth of the Brass Lantern Inn, both located in Stowe. Should you ever be able to break from staring into each other’s eyes, Nordic ski trails and sleigh rides await you in the snowy grandeur of Vermont.

Rekindle Romance with a Mexican Riviera Cruise

cw07_2_Colorful Red Umbrella Tropical Beach

If you really put your foot in it (maybe you gifted your partner with a practical cleaning tool), then a warm getaway is the only answer to February dreariness. Book a stateroom on a cruise ship and watch the coastline drift away as you sail toward sunshine. You’ll be king and queen of the world, awkwardly balancing your arms on the prow of the ship as you shout “Jack!” and “Rose!” back and forth. On second thought, don’t risk falling overboard and just stuff yourself with taquitos and tequila. Enjoy the nightlife in Puerto Vallarta or Cabo San Lucas, and spend your days lounging sun and snorkeling hand in hand.

Find Sanctuary at Kiawah Island Golf Resort, North Carolina

cw07_3_Golf Resort

Yes, the title clearly mentions golf, but we’re going to be steering clear of the game that’s tempted so many men from their marital bed. Instead, you’re both headed to the Kiawah Island Golf Resort to experience sumptuous luxury and strengthen the sacred bond of love that exists in your heart. The Sanctuary Spa, awarded a rare 5-star rating by “Forbes Magazine,” will inject a shiver of herbal essence into your skin, illustrating the desire you feel for your lady love. Relaxing facial treatments pamper her features while you undergo a rigorous massage. Afterward, engage on a dreamy date at the Jasmine Cafe or The Ocean Room. If either of you want to hob nob with the golfers, head to the on-site Ryder Cup Bar.

Worthy Mentions

Making up for that poorly chosen Valentine’s Day gift (or years of them) might require a much more elaborate trip. If you need to go big, buy tickets for a romantic trip to Rome or Paris, the love capitals of Europe. Strolling along the Seine? Dining on fresh, homemade pasta with a view of the Vatican? You can’t beat that.

Come on, take the mousetrap off that wallet! Get her something she really wants with one of these romantic getaways.