Where to See Christmas Lights in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is a sprawling city, and a myriad of proud residents decorate their homes each and every year in the name of yuletide cheer. Still, a few Candy Cane Lanes are so long-standing and jolly that they deserve a special shout out. The display in Woodland Hills, for instance, has been a proud tradition since the early 1950s. You can spot some of the best Los Angeles Candy Cane Lanes here.

Woodland Hills Candy Cane Lane

You will find that the residents in Woodland Hills have a healthy sense of competition. One resident is certainly not about to be outdone by the inflatable Santa his neighbor just erected in the front yard. This competitive sensibility pays off big time for visitors, who will be dazzled by gigantic gingerbread houses, palm trees lit from base to frond, and artificial snow.

Have little ones? Bring them by to see Santa in his sleigh. The big guy makes an appearance at least once per evening and will happily take a picture with your kiddos. A few of Santa’s elves have even showed up from time to time.

While this neighborhood is happy to welcome families from all over the city, they do ask a few favors. Visitors are asked to dim their headlights as they drive through, and go home by 10pm on weekdays (reasonable, right?).

Directions to Woodland Hills Candy Cane Lane

Want to check out this Candy Cane Lane in Los Angeles? Exit Winnetka Avenue off Highway 101.

Where: Oxnard and Lubao Streets
When: Second Saturday in December – December 31st, dusk-10 p.m. weeknights/11 p.m. weekends
Should I walk or drive? Drive
Parking: Residential streets

El Segundo Candy Cane Lane

A bit south of Woodland Hills, El Segundo has also put its hat in the ring for the title of top Christmas light show in Los Angeles. When a community has a permanent plaque identifying itself as a Candy Cane Lane, you know it’s not messing around. So defines the 1200 block of East Acacia Avenue in El Segundo. Every December since the late 1940s, this neighborhood has transformed into a wonderland replete with multi-colored lights, North Pole welcome signs, giant inflatable snowmen, and the big man himself. That’s right, at the end of the cul-de-sac you will find Santa in a giant sleigh.

If you’re looking to take an evening stroll with your friends and family, this is the LA Candy Cane Lane for you. In fact, the street is closed to cars, so you can walk freely without risk of wandering in front of a vehicle. While this event is free, the residents do encourage you to donate a can of food for local families in need. You can drop off your donations–where else– near Santa’s sleigh. Leave your pooch at home, as the neighbors ask that you not bring dogs (or bikes).

Directions to El Segundo Candy Cane Lane

Intrigued by the idea of Christmas lights in Los Angeles? Take Highway 1 to East Acacia Avenue.


Where: 1200 block of East Acacia Avenue
When: Mid-December–December 23rd, 7-9 p.m.
Should I walk or drive? Walk
Parking: Residential streets

Why stay at home taking more headshots when you can vogue your way down Candy Cane Lane like Madonna? (Just kidding, that sounds obnoxious). You should, however, take a slow stroll or drive down one of these festive roadways while humming your favorite holiday tunes. Just keep your eyes peeled for pedestrians and elves from the seat of your car, and remember that you’re in someone’s neighborhood—don’t be a Grinch and steal decorations or walk on lawns. With that, it’s time for you to meander down Candy Cane Lane in the City of Angels, don’t you think?