Planning for a vacation and the act of packing are that much more complicated when you’re traveling for a destination wedding. Whether it’s your wedding or you’re a guest, put some extra thought into preparing for what is likely to be one of the most fun trips you’ll ever take. The editors at Destination I Do magazine have traveled extensively all over the globe for work and destination weddings, so when approached us about contributing advice, we had some serious opinions.

Plan Ahead

Plan Ahead#

Photo courtesy of Courtney Cox

As soon as you decide on your wedding location or get the save-the-date in the mail, it’s fun and practical to begin researching your destination. What is the weather like that time of year – rainy, hot, or humid? Also, does the resort you’ll be staying at have a dress code? It’s not uncommon for some nicer resort restaurants to have a strict no-flip-flop or shorts requirement.

Don’t Offend

Depending on how exotic your destination is, you might also want to research what’s culturally acceptable in the area. For example, when packing for a trip to Morocco, I skipped the short-shorts and tank tops and opted instead for lightweight scarves and more conservative warm-weather wear. I was ultimately more comfortable knowing I wasn’t going to offend anyone or draw any unwanted attention.

Research Airlines

If you’re traveling for your wedding, be sure and research your chosen airline’s policies on traveling with large garment bags. Some airlines are happy to reserve you space in the First Class or Business cabin’s closets, but others aren’t so accommodating. The last thing you want to do is stuff your precious wedding gown into an overhead bin. 

Pack Light

If you find yourself tempted to bring a different pair of shoes for every day you’ll be abroad, consider the cost of paying for an overweight checked bag. The perk of packing for a destination wedding is that very often couples provide an itinerary of events. Ask if you can see an itinerary in advance, so you can plan ahead for all the scheduled wedding activities.

Pack Savvy



If you’re traveling to a tropical destination, it’s always a savvy idea to pack a plastic bag. For your return, toss any sandy or damp beach wear into the bag to keep your other clothes and suitcase neat and clean. Another way to ease the art of packing is to skip toiletries like shampoo and body wash. We know it’s a scary thought, but more often than not the complimentary amenities provided by the hotel are more than satisfactory. 

Have Fun Flying

As tempting as it is to whip out your tropical garb in advance, resist the urge. Airplanes are notoriously cold and what seemed like a good idea at home could have you shivering throughout a long flight. Also, keep in mind that the “best” seats at the front of the plane and near the bulkheads are also the coldest, so come prepared! To ensure you feel your best upon arrival, remember to stay hydrated throughout the flight and bring hearty snacks to curb mid-flight cravings.

Carry It On

Another traveler tip is to keep all your essentials in your carry-on. Keep any prescription medications with you, just in case. It’s also a great idea to pack your toothbrush, face wipes, and a clean set of clothes in your carry-on in case your luggage is delayed. It’s amazing how much better you’ll feel after a long, international flight by just washing your face and brushing your teeth.

We hope you find these tips helpful for traveling to a destination wedding! Above all, try not to stress and remember what’s at the end of that flight – fun in paradise with your nearest and dearest!

*Header photo courtesy of Courtney Cox

Author Bio:

Courtney Cox is an editor at Destination I Do magazine and has been traveling the world and writing about it for a thrilling five years. For more tips, photos, and inspiration, visit Destination I Do.