I know that when you have to leave your fur babies at home to travel the world, a tear runs slowly down your cheek, Johnny Depp in “Cry-Baby” style. You love Mittens more than any of your nieces and nephews (if you’re being honest with yourself), so you try to bring her along on your journeys as often as possible. Sure, sometimes that involves smuggling her through the back door of a 4-star hotel, but I’m not about to narc you out.

Well, guess what? You’re not alone. I know lots of folks who consider their pets in transit the best thing since the cronut. Whether you’re catching a flight across the country, or road tripping it to grandma’s house a few hours away, traveling with your pet really is a bonding experience. Maybe Fido will sleep peacefully in his under-seat carrier the entire flight, or maybe you’ll have to softly cradle him in the plane’s back galley while you sing “Baby Mine.” Either way, once you arrive at your destination, you get to explore new territory with your best animal pal.

Send in Those Glamour Shots!

What’s better than traveling with your pets? Capturing it all on film, of course. I know you love to snap cute pet photos with the best of them. And our team here at Flights.com wants to give your tabby a chance to smile with her eyes, Tyra style, in front of the world! We’re looking for images of Persians helping you pack, and pugs mugging in front of landmarks. If you’ve got cute pictures of pets either traveling or at fun destinations, we want ‘em! Each month we’ll be posting a round-up of our favorite “pets in transit” pics, so your hairy other half could be famous.

How to Play

Just tweet us at @Flightsdotcom and include the hashtag #petsintravel to be considered. Next month we’re covering pets during summer travel, so send in those shots of your pets in bikinis, at a BBQ, or getting ready to hop a flight for summer vacation. In the meantime, here are a few of our staff’s pretty adorable pets (but not more adorable than me) in travel mode to inspire you:

I don’t always lay on your new black shirt, but when I do, you’re trying to pack for a flight and can’t find your lint roller.

Pet Photos

Ummmmmm. Going somewhere? Rude.

Cute Pet Photos

Looks like Gene Simmons, Miley Cyrus, and Albert Einstein have their tongues in position and are ready to hit the road.

Travel with Dogs

Backseat driver status: Platinum Level.

Funny Pet Photos

Oh, heyyyyyy. Get my good side, I’m giving you my best Blue Steel.

Don’t forget to tweet us at @Flightsdotcom and include the hashtag #petsintravel with summer-y pics of your pets!