The shortest distance between here and there is always a straight line, but arrivals in destination cities come at premium prices. Why spend more when you don’t have to? If you’re looking for the cheapest places to fly into Europe, book your next trip through one of these five great locations:

1. Dublin

St Patrick's cathedral church is a national church of Republic of Ireland situated in capital Dublin.

Start your cheap travel to Europe by way of this Irish city, and reinvent the idea of an island vacation. Aer Lingus flights are some of the least expensive on and off the continent, but Ireland may charm you into staying for awhile. Whether you linger to visit the relics of St. Valentine at Carmelite Church or conquer every pub within drinking distance, this is a wonderful spot for splashdown into Europe.

2. Copenhagen

Yes, it’s the capital of Denmark, but that doesn’t mean it costs an arm and a kroner to start your European getaway in Hamlet’s hometown. Scandinavian Airlines throws open the doors to continental travel with non-stop flights from Chicago, New York, and Toronto. Head north for Norway and Sweden, swing south toward Germany, or settle in and snap a selfie with the world’s most famous little mermaid.

3. Warsaw

Old town in Warsaw, Poland. The Royal Castle and Sigismund's Column called Kolumna Zygmunta


Low taxes, lower overhead, and a sky filled with competition make flying to Europe through Warsaw one of your best airborne bargains. You save even more money with this venerable Polish connection if you love riding the rails. The country’s train system extends up through Russia and south to all major western and central European cities. Just don’t leave without a plump pierogi packed in your lunch kit.

4. Milan

Choose a central location, throw in cheap airline tickets, and add an irresistible slice of Italian romance. You’ve just landed in Milan, where Emirates Airline keeps competition fierce and ticket prices low. This cosmopolitan city perfectly positions your wanderlust for France, Switzerland, and Germany…with Rome just 350 miles south. If you’re fluent in Versace, Prada, and Armani, do a little shopping before you leave town.

5. Istanbul

Sunset over The Blue Mosque, (Sultanahmet Camii), Istanbul, Turkey.

When you’re searching for cheap flights and discounted deals, you won’t find many low cost airlines in Europe that can outdistance Turkey’s Pegasus Air. Flights in and out of Istanbul Ataturk Airport whisk you to a kaleidoscope of locations throughout Asia and Europe. Why you’d ever want to leave this beautifully exotic city would be a mystery to Agatha Christie. She spent her time here penning “Murder on the Orient Express.”

Leave Paris and London to those who just don’t know any better. Tear up traditional itineraries, and chart a course through the cheapest routes into Europe that open exciting new doors and baby your budget. Straight lines are boring and expensive. You’re too smart for that kind of traveling.