What good is a getaway if it shreds your pocketbook? With a little searching on the right digital portals, you can fly the hottest routes with a few commanding clicks. Pop open the world of travel like it’s your personal oyster with one of these six sensational flights under $200.

1. Dallas to New Orleans

1_Brick building with balcony on the corner of St. Peter and Bourbon Streets at night in the French Quarter of New Orleans, LA

Leave chicken-fried steak, pine trees, and country music behind. Trade it all in for a silky bowl of gumbo, sweet magnolias, and jazzy nights in the Quarter. You can often find cheap flights under $200 (round trip) between these cities, which guarantees your good times can afford to roll with enough extra jingle to buy a voodoo doll for that deserving boss back home. He doesn’t have to know it’s in your desk.

2. Washington D.C. to New York City

It’s not hard to find round-trip flight tickets under $200 between D.C. and NYC. That means you can afford to fly the rarefied air between these two powerful cities and still have money left over for fulfilling your shopping dreams in SoHo or catching that hot new Broadway show. Chomping down cheap on the Big Apple doesn’t get any better than summertime flight deals that don’t bite you in the budget.

3. Orlando to Atlanta

2_Millennium Gate triumphal arch at Atlantic Station in Midtown Atlanta, Georgia.

This is an interesting reversal in typical vacation plans because you’re leaving Florida’s beloved House of Mouse for the quiet grace of Atlanta. Be prepared for a totally different kind of enchantment as this southern belle of a city casts her spell under live oaks draped with Spanish moss and atop tables full of delicious Southern cooking. As long as you come home happy, Mickey and Minnie will understand.

4. Houston to Tampa

Why would you want to fly from the Texas Gulf Coast to the Florida Gulf Coast? Obviously, better beaches would be the number uno answer, but cheap flights under $200 put the icing on this summer travel cake. Just imagine how far you can sizzle around the Sunshine State with all those dollars you save on a round-trip ticket. Might be worth investing in a new pair of sunnies.

5. Los Angeles to Portland

3_Iconic Portland, Oregon Old Town sign with an outline of Oregon and a stag

You won’t find many changes in scenery as wonderfully radical as this inexpensive trip, and it’s all good. Sure, Portland has plenty of tall buildings, so it feels like the big city. But it doesn’t have insane traffic and the 24/7 mind-set that wears you out back in LA. Known for its outdoor adventure, tasty brews, and evil donuts, even a short weekend in Portland will be worth it.

6. Pittsburgh to Boston

How many round-trip flights under $200 connect two cities that love their baseball like the insane fan that lives in your soul? When the boys of summer take the field, even the most loyal Pirates fan has a hankering to hang his mitt over the Green Monster. Why haven’t you made your reservations yet? With savings like this, you can afford seats behind home plate at Fenway.

Forget what your mother told you. There’s nothing wrong with being cheap, and being smart makes it better. You really can get a lot more than you pay for with these flight routes, so rev up your search engines, and let those digital fingers walk you out the door. Just be sure to send Mom a postcard.