You know how some cities seem to have distinct personalities? In fact, we think that some of our favorite destinations have almost human traits. Maybe you’ll say that we’ve been inhaling too much jet exhaust, but we decided to bring you an entire blog series on the topic. We’re going to dish about food, transportation, activities, and more in some of the world’s finest sister cities.

What is a Sister City, You Ask? 

Well, kids, when two cities really love each other, they…form a mutually beneficial agreement to promote each other’s cultural traditions and commerce. That’s right, from Chicago to Toronto, New York to London, San Francisco to Paris, and beyond, cities across the globe are becoming just like family. To showcase some of their best qualities and have some fun while we’re at it, we are comparing our favorite list of sister cities to some of the most beloved celebrity sisters we know. Sure, some of them may be fictional, but they’re real in our hearts.

Sisters From Another Mister

Eiffel Tower and d'Iena Bridge at Dawn, Paris, France


Have you ever noticed an elegant flare about Paris? What about a feeling of irreverence in its sister city San Francisco? We detect more than a bit of grandiosity and sass in these international sister cities, so we decided they are the perfect personification of Beyoncé and Solange. On the other hand, when we examined a trip from Boston to Barcelona (or vice versa), it reminded us of Alex and Haley Dunphy from “Modern Family.” One sister is studious, up on her history trivia, and would enjoy a trip to Boston. Meanwhile, the other sister would love to experience a Barcelona night club.

Original- Venice Beach. Sunset. Summer concept

Of course, your vacation from Los Angeles to Vancouver lands you in two pretty strong cities, so we thought long and hard about which pair of famous sisters best captures their essence. In the end, we decided Venus and Serena are the perfect (game, set) match for the powerful culture and community in these destinations. Of course, London and New York fit the sister city definition to a tee: They complement each other as nicely as a certain set of British, upper crust sisters.

If you’re looking to get inspired for your next big travel adventure and you love an uplifting tale of sisterhood and partnership, you’re in for a fun ride. Visit our blog each day next week for a look at how the sister cities of the world compare to some of the most dynamic celebrity sisters around the globe!