Congratulations! You made it through mid-term exams in one piece (hashtag blessed). With nothing to lose but a few hundred bucks and your dignity, you’re ready to blow off some steam on spring break. You know what that means: Hustle up your BFFs, throw on a clip of MTV’s “The Grind,” and break out your Capital One®. It’s time to book a spring break vacation at a price your parents will be proud of. After this, they may even rethink backing your karaoke car wash business, which is clearly the wave of the future and a financial gold mine. Here are the best spring break destinations for college students with more access to liquid refreshments than liquid capital:

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

cw12_1_Multi-Ethnic Group of People Partying Outdoors

The South isn’t all yee-haws and cowboy hats. Case in point: Myrtle Beach. If you’re not interested in the glorious cesspool offered by other popular spring break destinations, this beach alternative is worth more than just a passing thought. Average March temperatures are in the mid-60s, and if you’re lucky you might see weather above 70 degrees. Aside from the sand and ocean, Myrtle Beach serves up plenty of night life, including a little place called Jimmy Buffet’s Margaritaville® (una tequila, por favor). Hotel rates are slashed here during the spring, and you can rent a house on the beach with a group of friends without spending your entire student loan check.

Stowe, Vermont 

cw12_2_group of friends have a good time in winter resort

If the only thing you want to tap on spring break is some tree sap, head to Vermont this year. The northeast locale may also appeal to anyone looking to conceal that Freshman 15 beneath a carefully selected shapewear/sweater combo, as well as champions of fresh baked apple pies and ski enthusiasts. For the latter group, there is plenty of powder to go around on the slopes in Stowe; Stowe Mountain Resort has more than 400 skiable acres. Plus, a lot of local ski resorts offer lift and lodging discounts after high-season ends (beginning in the middle of February). If you get tired of putting other skiers to shame on the slopes, Stowe also offers dog sled tours, cheap drinks at the Rusty Nail Bar & Grille, and something called pond skimming (YouTube it. You’re welcome.)

San Juan, Puerto Rico

cw12_3_Group of multi ethnic friends walking on a beach

If you want to brag about leaving the country for spring break but you never got your passport game together, your solution is named Puerto Rico. What’s that you say, ye who slept through fourth grade geography? You don’t believe us? Puerto Rico is a U.S. territory, so even though it’s not one of the 50 states you can travel to and from the island without a passport and even spend American dollars there. Hotel rates are most reasonable between mid-December and mid-April. San Juan isn’t a secret, so you won’t be the only spring breaker in town ready to hit up Club Brava. The bad news? You may have to fight for a place on Ocean Park Beach to enjoy the 80-degree weather. The good news? You’ve got a Tinder app and nothing but time.

Biloxi, Mississippi

cw12_4_Young Man on Jet Ski, Tropical Ocean

If you can spell Mississippi three times fast after midnight we hear the bartender pays for your cab ride home (just kidding, fare is on you.) Biloxi has shown an impressive recovery since Hurricane Katrina and is once again ready to welcome spring breakers. The average temperature in March and April hovers between 70 and 75 degrees, so bust out your favorite ironic tank top. You can beachcomb for hours, and plenty of vendors are prepared to rent you jet skis and other equipment that would make your mother very nervous. If you’re over 21, you can gamble a few bucks at one of the casinos in this gulf town—unless you hit the jackpot, though, don’t expect them to forgive you for riding that penny slot machine like a mechanical bull. 

Who said you can’t have a great spring break on a budget? Screw that guy. We say you can head to one of the best spring break destinations and still come back with enough money to pay the rent on time. You can save even more moola by sharing hotel rooms with your friends and always asking about student discounts.