You had to practice weird hand gestures for your cousin’s Star Trek™ themed wedding, and your best friend made you wear that awful corset for her “Gone with the Wind” soirée…but you’re settling for a standard white chapel event? Ditch the church and leave your family members grinding their teeth in your dusty tracks. Take a walk on the wild side and get hitched in one of these three unorthodox ways:

Have a Shark Wedding

A great hammerhead shark comes right for the camera in Bimini, Bahamas

Remember the time your co-worker wed while snorkeling? That was pretty cool…but how about one-upping the idea by tying the knot in a shark cage? Bam! Got your attention now? Very good. Call it a way of preparing for the nerves and adrenaline you’ll experience before engaging in your honeymoon nuptials. The adrenaline rush of standing in scuba gear while sharks bump against the metal bars of the cage will have your friends calling you Mr. and Mrs. Adventure after the big day. Just be sure to tip your wedding photographer because he’s really taking one for the team here.

Perfect Location:

Calypso Star Charters in South Australia will help you cuddle up to Jaws. Or get wet and weird in the craziest place on earth: Las Vegas. Mandalay Bay won’t let you say “I do” in a cage, but you can be surrounded by your toothiest friends while separated by a glass barrier.

Tie the Knot in the Sky

Skydive wedding

So, you met your true love and bonded over your common interests, which just so happen to include skydiving (and vegan snack food). Then, you sidled up to him or her, offered a ring (the ring-pull on your parachute) and the rest is history. She stole your heart with aeronautical aplomb, and now you want to replicate the romance with a wedding in the sky. Rise to this challenge, shrugging into a parachute to descend from 13,000 feet as you exchange vows over the whipping wind. The jumpsuits definitely aren’t as sexy as traditional wedding garb, but the bride can still rock a veil. It is her big day after all.

Perfect Location:

Las Vegas, Florida, and various cities in Australia all offer wedding skydiving packages, but consider cutting costs by opting for a Marriage in the Sky®. This company provides a 42-foot platform that can raise to 164 feet while carrying 20 wedding guests, and is available in 44 different countries.

Put Passion on Chill

Hotel De Glace Quebec

There’s a certain animated movie that has recently made ice and snow very cool (sorry), and your princess bride is all about it. Take her far away to the exotic shores of Canada to get in touch with an icy habitat that can match the fire burning in both of your hearts. The Hotel De Glace (which is made entirely of ice) offers a winter wonderland environment that’s ideal for a thermal-insulated wedding dress and tuxedo. Get to the ceremony on time with a horse-drawn sled and enter the icy chapel through transparent columns straight out of Narnia.

Perfect Location:

The Hotel De Glace is within the boundaries of Quebec City, but you could also spend a bit more moola and get hitched in Sweden. Scandinavia is home to another stunning ice chapel, inside the legendary ICEHOTEL in Jukkasjärvi.