Hey, big spender. Have you been wondering what to do with that spare $17,000 collecting dust in your checking account? We’ve all been there (Ed. Note: No, we haven’t). It is with great pleasure that Apple introduces a way for you to spend your stash of cash: the Apple Watch Edition, which starts at $10,000 and has price points maxing out at 17 grand. Don’t worry, everyone else, there are versions of the Apple Watch that cost as little as about $350. While there is nothing we love more than travel, gadgets that make travel easier come in a close second. Here is a list of our five favorite travel apps for the Apple Watch:

Uber_app5. Uber

Remember when you had to scour the neighborhood for a taxi queue, wait patiently in line, and hope you had enough cash? What a great story to tell your grandkids. Thanks to Uber, in most cities those days are long gone. But avoiding long lines isn’t the only reason Uber is one of our favorite apps for the Apple Watch. It’s also easy to use: Just open the app, tap a single button, confirm your location, and chill out while you watch your driver approach via the on-screen map. Yeah, we’re hooked, too.

Citymapper_app4. Citymapper

If you’ve ever had a confusion-induced panic attack on a foreign metro system, you’ll understand why Citymapper is one of the best Apple iWatch apps in our eyes. Short of sending your mom on vacation with you to hold your hand and point you to the train station, this app does it all when it comes to public transit guidance in cities like London, New York, Paris, and Berlin. Not only does Citymapper figure out where you are, but it gives you instructions for finding the nearest train or bus and displays the next three real-time bus or train arrivals. Once you’re en route, your watch will even give a friendly buzz just before you approach your stop.

TripAdvisor_app3. TripAdvisor

Travel apps are great, but free travel apps are even better (hopefully that’s not breaking news to you). If you’ve come to rely on TripAdvisor to check out local attractions, landmarks, and more, you’re in luck: The new, free Apple Watch app lets you find tons of new adventures in any city right from your wrist. Yes, you can even still see other travelers’ ratings.

BabbelAppIcon_MLA2. Babbel

Parlez-vous François? Now ya do, smarty pants. Download Babbel, one of our favorite Apple Watch apps for translation, and you can speak the local tongue in lots of countries. Okay, maybe your accent will give you away, but at least you’ll know whether you’re ordering octopus or steak. The intuitive app gives you appropriate vocabulary based on your location, helping you learn flight-related terms as you near the airport, for instance.

Expedia_app1. Expedia

Now, we’re not exactly impartial, since Flights.com is a part of the Expedia family. Still, despite the nepotism, we have to say that Expedia has one of the best smartwatch apps out there. Forgot your flight time? Just check your Expedia Apple Watch app, which will show you departure time, terminal information, and even real-time gate info. When it comes to hotels, you can see your check-in time, hotel ratings, contact information, and more. Pretty handy, huh?

Are you as excited for the Apple Watch as we are? Get your pre-order clicking finger ready and start planning your next big trip. We’re pretty old school, so we like to sleep outside the Apple store when the next big product drops. Be sure to wave to us as you pass by the mall!