Sure, finding a cheap flight seems like its own reward. After all, you get to do that happy dance you’ve reserved just for times like this. But when you score tickets on flights under $100, you also get some special perks, too (sorry, we’re not talking about free mini-bottles of tequila on the plane). Booking a deal this killer means you’ve nailed down a savvy traveling strategy and have some extra cash to spend on fun travel add-ons. Here are just five of the best things about nabbing cheap flights for less than a Benjamin:

1. Practice the Art of the Spontaneity

Business People Waiting at the Airport Subway

Getting a flight for under 100 bucks often means booking at the last minute, whether you grab a cheap round-trip flight or a steal of a one-way ticket. Most of us could use a little more spontaneity in our lives, so we call impulsive ticket decisions a major bonus to cheap flights. You never know where you might end up when you keep a flexible schedule and an open mind. Tip: Follow the Twitter accounts of airlines and travel insiders, like bloggers, and keep your eyes peeled for flash sales on flights.

2. Say Hello to Hotel Upgrades

When you and your travel companions can boast that you got plane tickets under $100, your airfare won’t be the only thing worth Facebooking. With some extra moola just sitting there in your checking account, lonely, begging to be spent…you can finally find out what it’s like to upgrade your hotel accommodations to a suite or room with a view. Tip: Book your hotel and flight as a package to save even more cash.

3. Go Ahead, Pack Your Espresso Machine

Midsection of young woman packing suitcase on bed

The mere thought of checking a bag on most airlines these days seems to induce the sound of a cash register ringing in the distance. When you book a flight for less than a C-note, however, baggage fees don’t loom so large. So, go ahead, check your personal Shiatsu foot massager or Spanish espresso machine in a suitcase. You’ve earned it. Tip: If you sign up for a credit card or frequent flyer program with many airlines, you are rewarded with one free checked bag on every flight.

4. Spend More on In-Flight Purchases

An unidentifiable flight attendant or restaurant server offering a refreshing beverage. Focus on the drink.

When you keep your eyes on the prize and hold out for cheap flights under $100, you can afford to splurge on in-flight amenities. Make yourself a Jack and coke or pay a few bucks for preferred boarding. You can travel like a boss without spending next month’s rent. Tip: Purchase onboard Wi-Fi and other add-ons when you book your flight so you have one less thing to do on travel day.

5. Get the Same Miles at Lower Fares

If you’re not signed up for frequent flyer rewards with your favorite airline, you should be. We’ll wait. Alright, here’s some cool news: You can earn the same number of miles for your trip even when you snag a deeply discounted seat. That means you still get to take strides toward a free trip on your favorite airline, even when you pay less than $100. Tip: When you book with an online travel agency like Expedia, you may be able to rack up reward points with both your airline and the agency.

Good luck, thrifty travelers. Cheap flights are within your reach, so you’re bound to be enjoying these benefits in no time! What do you love most about a cheap flight?