Photo attribution: By emmett anderson [CC BY 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Photo attribution: By emmett anderson [CC BY 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Some sisters have such unique strengths that you wouldn’t guess they’re related, until you see them work as a team. And then you see the family resemblance. The same can be true of locations—did you know that Vancouver, B.C. and Los Angeles are sister cities? Surprise! Yes, Canadian class and American sass are geographic siblings and make quite the team. You’re probably thinking, “OK, what does that mean? Can I get diplomatic immunity when I travel from L.A. to Vancouver?” No, but you can use the sisterhood to compare and contrast two world-class cities. Think of Vancouver as the sophisticated, understated, and cultured Venus Williams to Los Angeles’ charismatic, glamorous, and competitive Serena. Both are dynamic individuals and together they form an equally unbeatable partnership. Let’s take a look at what these seemingly opposite sister cities—and their patron sisters of Venus and Serena—have to offer:

Fabulous Foods from Los Angeles to Vancouver

B3_2_Body- authentic mexican barbacoa, carnitas and chicken tacos

When it comes to delicious, global flavors, Vancouver and Los Angeles have their own sibling rivalry. L.A.’s proud Mexican and Native American heritages have made authentic tacos and Southwestern fusion a culinary experience for any visitor (or local), and many dishes pack more heat than one of Serena’s serves And we ought not forget, dear reader, that to sight a celebrity scarfing down a Cobb salad in its natural habitat, there’s always The Ivy on Robertson Blvd. While L.A. and it’s Serena-ish vibe offers your palate spice and a taste of the limelight, Vancouver has beignet brunches and café au laits waiting on the waterfront that are reminiscent of the more laid-back Venus Williams. Vancouver’s multi-cultural scene offers the best authentic Chinese cuisine, French and Belgian delights, and fresh seafood. And it’s no secret that Venus knows how to bring the heat, too, which Vancouver echoes with its chili-laden Indian fare.

Best Coast Sights

B3_3_Body- Stanley Park in Vancouver, Canada

Like many Tinseltowners, Serena boasts a budding acting career, and the glamour of the Entertainment Capital of the World is undeniable. Naturally Hollywood’s Walk of Stars would be a visitor’s first stop, and then the beautiful beaches. Head over to Venice Beach toe kick back with the fun-loving locals and plan to visit the Los Angeles Zoo or see a performance at Dolby Theatre.

Just like interior-design maven Venus, Vancouver is known for its eye for beauty. Vancouver’s scenic Stanley Park is one of the best greenspaces in the world, and Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese Garden is a lush oasis in the city and a celebration of Chinese culture. Grouse Mountain and Sunset Beach are also top attractions. By the way, did you know Vancouver is nicknamed “Hollywood North” because of its own successful film industry? Well, it is. So you don’t have to fly from Vancouver back to Los Angeles just to tour a film studio.

Getting Around

B3_4_Body- Los Angeles, Urban City at Sunset with Freeway Trafic

Serena feels perfectly comfortable in a bright-yellow taxi weaving through traffic or cruising down the Pacific Coast Highway in a sporty BMW. So it makes sense that transportation in Los Angeles is focused more on rush-hour warriors than public-transit fans. While the city is bursting with drivers for hire, L.A.’s public transit system, Metro, offers numerous bus lines but only six rail lines servicing the sprawling metropolis. Venus, on the other hand, responds to her sister’s need for speed with detailed groundwork. TransLink, Vancouver’s public transit system, covers the city with several bus lines, commuter trains, rapid transit rail lines, and even a harbor ferry. Nice breaker, Venus.

One Thing You Can’t Miss

B3_5_Body- Capilano suspension bridge near Vancouver in Canada

As busy seaports, sister cities Los Angeles and Vancouver host countless visitors who are on a “time budget.” If you’re in a rush, no trip to Los Angeles would be complete without a selfie in front of Van Gough’s “Irises” at the Getty Center and a ride on the carousel on the Santa Monica Pier. Serena would approve of the bright colors and adrenaline rush. In Vancouver, those with spirits as adventurous as Venus should explore Vancouver’s Capilano Suspension Bridge Park. You can look out over the misty forest from bridges suspended 100 feet above ground.

Vancouver and Los Angeles are the Williams sisters of cities. They might compete against each other, but they always show family support. With so many different strengths, you might have a hard time deciding whether you’ll fly LAX to YVR or YVR to LAX first, since a good match is all about timing.