Moms. Gotta love ‘em. And you gotta call ‘em, or you’re going to be hit with a passive-aggressive jab in your family’s holiday brag letter. The day to celebrate our maternal influences is nearly upon us, and you know what that means: It’s time to find the right gift. One that says, “I love ya ma, and thanks for not holding a grudge about the time I accidentally rode my skateboard through fresh drywall.” Maybe your mother is still rocking the mom jeans with pride, or maybe she fancies herself a trend setter. In any case, you can’t get off the plane without an offering, lest you face in instant guilt trip. Here are some Mother’s Day gift ideas that fit in a carry-on:

The Practical Mom 

This mom prides herself on efficient cabinet organization and always shoots you a text when JCPenny®’s is having a sale on bath mats. Thanks to her, you have a stockpile of Tupperware® that would lead an extraterrestrial intruder to think it’s your currency. Even though this brand of madre might love a vacuum this Mother’s Day, she deserves to feel sassy and fashionable once in a while. One of the top Mother’s Day gifts for a pragmatic mama this year is what Michael Kors® is calling a belt bag, but what you know in your heart is a rebranded fanny pack. Yes, the pack de fanny is making a comeback. Your practical mom can sport something bright and fun while maintaining easy access to her Kleenex®. Win-win.

The Active Mom

Happy middle aged caucasian brunette woman in blue sportswear stretching with blue jumping rope over her head outdoors smiling

The active mom is hard to get ahold of because she is either on the treadmill or at her Golden Zumba® class. She is constantly telling people they are only as old as they feel, and in her case that seems to be mid-20s. This mom wants something that fits with her go get ‘em lifestyle, so don’t even bother with a pair of 2-inch heels. Stop brainstorming great Mother’s Day gift ideas and go with our solution: a work-out video from an iconic pop star and an outfit to match. Your mom knows her from “That one video with the dancing cartoon cat, you know the one, what’s it called?” and she grew to love her on “That show with the singers, you know, the one with the mean guy from England.” Yes, we’re talking about Paula Abdul. You just can’t go wrong with an Abdul aerobics video. Trust us, they stand the test of time. Get your mom some sparkly new fitness gear to work out in and she’ll be as happy as that dancing cat.

The “Cool” Mom

In the enduring words of Amy Poehler in “Mean Girls,” this matriarch’s mantra is: “I’m not like a regular mom, I’m a cool mom.” She named her poodle “Puppy Minaj” and ends each phone call with “Hashtag Love You.” This mom won’t be satisfied with something from the clearance bin; she requires special Mother’s Day gifts that seem just ahead of the mom curve. The perfect choice: a sports bra with a functional wine pouch. Once ma fills up the bra, a straw easily connects her gullet to that sweet, sweet rosé. This fashion accessory offers your mom the physical support she needs while affording easy access to the liquid refreshment she normally has to sneak into the theater via flask. What more could she ask from you?

The Globe-Trotting Mom

OstrichPillow resized

Knowing what to get for Mother’s Day is tough when your mom is really leaning in to the whole retirement thing. This kind of mom could be jet setting to just about any climate next month, and anything that won’t fit into her carry-on rolly will hold her back. Enter the OstrichPillow® Light. Practical and comfortable, this pillow lets your mom get some shut-eye any time, any place. Bonus: This gift is great for moms with young kids, because sometimes Mommy needs quiet time, just two minutes, pleasegoaway.

What are you waiting for? Mother’s Day is around the corner and showing you appreciate her with a personal gift is a sure way to score some extra points. Maybe she’ll even back off about when you’re going to break up with your significant other. Whether you’re in the market for cheap Mother’s Day gift ideas or are looking to splurge, the time to treat your mom is now!