It’s that time of year again, when we celebrate our liberation from England. July 4th marks the day we became unleashed, one might say. As Americans gather to appreciate our independence, I humbly recommend that you bring your furry friends along for the fun. I’ve never met a backyard barbeque I didn’t love, and I can safely say my doggie brethren feel the same way. The fireworks we can do without, so maybe drop us at home and shut the doors at sunset.

I’m dying to know where you’re taking your fur babies to proudly proclaim your love of freedom. Are you bringing them to the beach? Because that’s a dog’s favorite place! Maybe you’re headed to the park. Coincidentally, that’s also a dog’s favorite place. Oh, are you going to a backyard party? Also any dog’s favorite place in the whole wide world! Look, thanks to our forefathers, we’re all livin’ the canine dream (#Merica). We don’t care where the party is happening, we just want to be downwind from the grill.

Here are some of our favorite pictures of your patriotic pets celebrating summer fun and soaking up some good old fashioned liberty. Want to show off your precious furry gems? Next month we’re featuring back to school, so tweet us pics @flightsdotcom of your dogs and cats helping you study, chilling with you on campus, or keeping you company while you highlight flash cards. Make sure to tag your submissions #PetsInTravel!

Sakura and Hotaru

Pets: Sakura and Hotaru, Owner: Gia

This is a swimsuit-optional beach, right?


Pet: Jane, Owner: Amanda

That “land of the free” line really gets me going every time!


Pet: Buster, Owner: Amanda

Wake me up when we get to the world’s largest milk bone.


Pet: Maxi, Owner: Simone

So, I’m gonna need you to pack my red sun hat and my blue bandana.


Pet: Piper, Owner: Amanda

You were right. That 16th lap around the park was too much.

Happy 4th of July to you and your favorite pets! Where will you go this Independence Day? Let us know in the comments!

Don’t forget: Tweet us pics @flightsdotcom and tag #PetsInTravel with any school-themed photos for next month’s post!