So, you spent your summer chasing Frisbees and giving your neighbor’s derrière a good whiffaroo. Oh, wait, that was me. What can I say, the puppy life ain’t half bad when the days are long and the poodle next door gets a buzz cut. However you spent your summer, it’s nearly at its end. That can only mean two things: The next season of Scandal is nearly upon us (#TeamJake) and it’s time to go back to school!

Whether you’re off to college or getting your kids ready for 1st grade, there is lots to do. And you know who loves to help with back to school? That’s right, your trusty pets. When you need someone to keep your feet warm while you read a syllabus, we’re here. When you require assistance packing for a move to the dorms, we are at your service. If you like to have a creature stand idly by while you highlight flashcards for your first exam, just call upon us. Back to school and pets go hand in hand.

Here are our favorite pictures of your pets in school or helping you get excited about hitting the books. Hey, we like to read, too! Have your own photos to share? Maybe your puppy just visited a classroom, or your cat likes to help you type. Post your best shots in the comments!

Next month we are covering the many layers of Fashion Week. From Milan to New York, September brings a flurry of fashion to the world, and your pets want to look good. Send your best pics of your pooches in couture and cats in fascinators to @Flightsdotcom on Twitter. Be sure to tag your submissions #PetsinTravel!


It was the best of times it was the….yawn.

Suz Bird


Jenny - Suz

Hey! Hey! Hey! Class starts in 10 minutes, you need me to drive?

louie hat

I’m hoping to meet a nice gal at obedience school. This hat is dorky-chic, right?

Just practicing my “Sure I’m awake and not sleeping through this seminar” posture.

Just practicing my “Sure I’m awake and not sleeping through this seminar” posture.