We’ve all had a job that was, shall we say, unconventional. But if you thought your temporary gig picking up used Santa suits from shopping centers along the Eastern Seaboard was weird, we’ve got news for you. The travel industry is constantly coming up with bizarre professions of questionable necessity. Just kidding, sunglass doctor fills a much-needed niche. How can you be expected to fix your own sunnies by the pool? What are you, an animal? Without further ado, here are five of the craziest careers in the travel industry:

Popsicle Server 

Popsicles: They’re not just sold out of colorful vans with crackling speakers anymore. At the Los Cabos Hilton there is a long-time employee named Jorge tasked with serving a cart full of homemade fruit popsicles. His only job is to walk around the pool area, regaling guests of all ages with a light-hearted attitude and frozen treats. Not a bad day’s work, we suppose.

Flying Nanny 

Body - little boy playing with plane

You’re on a long-haul flight and you want to get some shut-eye, but your kid has other ideas. If your first thought is “Man, I wish there was someone here to entertain my offspring with origami lessons,” you’re in luck. Aboard Etihad Airlines, the aptly named “Flying Nanny” can take your kiddos off your hands while you’re in the air. The nanny will put your children to bed, perform hand puppet shows (this is not a drill, that’s part of his job), or give instruction on how to carefully fold paper into the shape of a small bird. This may be one of the best jobs for travel enthusiasts: Sure, it requires cradling strangers’ kids in the galley, but you get to see the world and perfect your arts and crafts game.

Coconut Safety Engineer 

Body - coconut tree

Don’t you hate when you’re hit on the head by a rogue coconut? The Ritz-Carlton, St. Thomas is way ahead of you. The hotel created one of the best-named travel industry jobs on the planet: coconut safety engineer. If you choose this career path, you get the noble assignment of climbing up coconut trees and picking ripe fruit before it has the chance to fall and bonk a guest on the noggin. If someone winds up with a concussion, well, you had one job.

Bedtime Storyteller

Body - woman reading

At the end of a long day spent discovering London, sometimes the last thing you want to do is read to yourself. And if you stay at the Andaz, you don’t have to. Tuck yourself into bed, real tight like a burrito, and call the bedtime storyteller to your room. We can’t promise she’ll do the “Harry Potter” voices the way you like them, but it doesn’t hurt to ask.

Fairy Godmother

Oh, you thought Cinderella was the only one who had a maternal influence of the magical variety? Not so fast. The Barnsley Resort in Georgia employs a fairy godmother. Truly one of the most bizarre travel-related jobs, the position of fairy godmother requires a specific set of skills. Armed with a crystal-encrusted wand (take a moment, imagine it), she casts love spells to aid with the perfect proposal. Oh, and she can grant birthday wishes, too.

Think you have what it takes to work in one of the weirdest jobs in travel? Refine that resume and buckle up! These jobs might be weird, but they let you do things like explore the world and make people happy. What else could you ask for?