It’s true—you can hop on round-trip flights for under 300 dollars that actually land in places you want to visit. There’s not a single loser on this list, so start licking your travel chops and packing those bags.

1. San Francisco to Las Vegas

Body - dice in martini

Depart from “The City of Love,” and arrive in “Sin City.” How can this not be a fantastic getaway? Besides, there’s more to a good time in Vegas than gambling. Floor shows, endless buffets, and gorgeous strangers you’ll never see again can be just as much fun.

2. Denver to Phoenix

Embrace the environmental shock! Sonoran Desert vistas are incredibly cool, so wave goodbye to Rocky Mountain highs and head for AZ. How many 300 dollar flights put you on Jack Nicklaus golf courses by day and into sizzling club scenes by night? Phoenix has plenty of beautiful hiking areas, too, in case you’d like to take in the natural landscape instead of dancing the night away.

3. San Antonio to New Orleans

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Both cities share a historic atmosphere that soothes traveling souls, but you just can’t find good gumbo in San Antonio. You can get lost in the French Quarter and live to tell the tale, so book those cheap tickets and sashay on over to “The Big Easy.”

4. Minneapolis to Chicago

Sure, they both have incredible skylines and beautiful waterfronts, but it’s hard to resist flights under 300 dollars that take you from Midwestern comfort to a buzzing international hub of commerce and technology. Besides, the shopping in Chicago is amazing.

5. St. Louis to Tulsa

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Make this round-trip just so you can tell friends you found Oz in the middle of Oklahoma. The city rolls in a lush carpet of urban green, 6-foot penguin sculptures dance all over town, and cowboys and techies are drinking buddies. It’s all wonderfully strange and barrels of fun.

6. Cincinnati to Memphis

The change in accents gives you cultural whiplash…and the taste of slow-smoked barbecue makes you give up veggies. Are you sure you know how to party? Try walking down Beale Street. Yes, Memphis has a dignified business side, but you have to see Graceland at least once in a lifetime.

7. Pittsburgh to New York

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Book plane tickets under 300 dollars and skip between these two sports-loving cities. Why not catch a few MLB games in each? If the Pirates and Mets don’t knock it out of your park, the Steelers and Jets are always head-butting fun to watch. When you fly cheap, you can afford this kind of action.

8. Nashville to Raleigh

Tennessee to North Carolina is a straight shot that keeps you in the comfort zone of lazy drawls and Southern hospitality. The living is easy under Raleigh’s cool canopy of live oaks, so be prepared to fall in love with this gracious city and its beautiful architecture.

9. Birmingham to Tampa

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You can burn 600 miles with a drive down from Birmingham, or you can fly round-trip to Tampa for less than 300 dollars. If you can’t decide on which sounds best, it’s past time to expose your tired head to some fresh Gulf Coast air. Here’s a hint—flying always wins.

10. Miami to Houston

You can’t go kayaking through downtown Miami. There aren’t any Apollo 17 command modules nearby. World-class Galleria shopping is strictly an H-Town experience. Bayou City is even more enticing when cheap plane tickets get you there with jingle to spare.

Nothing chases away the budget blues like a deliciously cheap trip. Plane tickets under 300 dollars are too good to keep to yourself, so share this very cool list. Book those budget reservations now and laugh all the way to the airport.