Summer time is here and you’re more than ready to introduce your toes to a ribbon of sand. You’ve earned it, partner, and so has your furry companion. Sure, your dog is going to try to snag a burger or two from that picnic table (I’ve been guilty of the same!). But does that really mean he deserves to be nixed from the guest list? I think not. Smell rules everything for pups like us, so you can hardly ask him to kick his addiction to grilled delicacies.

Headed to Hawaii? Grab a glue gun and some silk flowers. Boom: Your puppy’s collar is now a stylish lei. You’re welcome. Off to New England? I hear cats in sunhats are all the rage on the eastern seaboard. Your forearm may resemble a scratching post in the short term, but think of all the great pics of fluffy in her fun bonnet. Those, my friend, will last a lifetime.

Nothing turns up the heat on your vacation like going home with some funny summer animal pictures (ok, tequila shots and beach volleyball don’t hurt, either). Keep your shutter finger in shape and your eyes peeled for some pet shenanigans, and you’re bound to have some frame-worthy shots in no time this summer.

Join in the Fun! 

Think your fur baby has what it takes to make it onto my “Pets in Travel” blog? Next month I’ll be featuring photos of patriotic pooches and cats with devotion to the red, white, and blue (in honor of Independence Day, of course). Submit your photos on Facebook and Twitter using the hashtag #petsintravel.

Without further ado, here are my favorite summer pet pictures. Some of these furry creatures are ready to get outdoors and feel a summer breeze through their whiskers…and others have already reached their sweet nirvana.


Traveling Pet: Riley – Owner: Trah family

Living the canine dream ain’t easy, but someone’s gotta do it. Wait, it’s very easy. LOL.

Parker Packing for Costa Rica

Traveling Pet: Parker – Owner: Heather

I’m….gonna need to you pack my one-piece. That ab workout just didn’t do the trick.


Traveling Pet: Lentil – Owner: Lindsay

They said I have a face for radio. I’ll show you, Tinseltown.

Jethro Gibbs

Traveling Pet: Jethro Gibbs – Grandmother: Marta

Are you suuuuuuuuure I won’t fit in the front?


Traveling Pet: Pebbles – Owner: Cielito

Choosing vacation wear that is perfectly on fleek is. So. Exhausting.

Traveling Pet: Kobayashi Maru – Owner: Hannah

You gonna finish those pretzels? The selection of canine treats on this flight is abhorrent.

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