Mila Kunis looks like a goddess when traveling through LAX, but guess what, she has a team of people to gussy her up. While a styling crew may not be within your means right now, you can still look hella fresh while traveling. But the question is: Do you get on an airplane with a face full of makeup à la Kim K. or go barefaced in the style of Shailene Woodley? Neither. With this routine, you can make your skin look amazing from 30,000 feet up:

Pack It Up

Row of Makeup Lined Up

If you’re checking bags, don’t forget to fill your carry on with the makeup you’ll need to freshen your face on the airplane. You don’t need your entire arsenal of colors, but you’ll need a few of the basics. Bring a sheer base, such as BB cream, cream eye shadow, cream blush, and lip gloss. Using cream-based products means you don’t have to bring any tools along; you can just use your fingertips.

Stash a mirror, a light moisturizer, and some tissues in your makeup bag too. Of course, you’ll need to make sure your makeup bottles are sized appropriately so that security doesn’t snag them and have their own NARS® party after hours.

Prep School

Girl washing face

Your skincare routine should start before you even get on the plane. On the morning of your journey, wash your face with a moisturizing cleanser and gently exfoliate. Pay attention to any areas that are already peeling because the dry air on the plane isn’t going to make existing flakes any prettier. Use a rich moisturizer or night cream to hydrate your skin and form a protective barrier. Curl your lashes and apply a waterproof mascara before you leave the house. That way, you’ll look a little more rested on the plane, and you won’t risk stabbing your cornea with the mascara wand if you hit turbulence.

Color Time

Girl putting on makeup

You don’t want to feel rushed as the plane is landing, so start applying makeup 30-45 minutes before touchdown. Do it in your seat with the tray open, and give your seatmate a knowing shrug—people excuse shrugs. Set your mirror on the tray, but keep everything else in your makeup bag, or else it may get really awkward when you have to retrieve the eyeliner that rolled into your neighbor’s lap.

Swipe a tissue across the oily areas of your face to remove any excess moisturizer. If your mascara has smudged, swipe it off with the tissue. Dab the base under your eyes, in the crease of your nose, and on any discolored problem areas. Smudge some eye shadow onto just your eyelids and dab cream blush onto the apples of your cheeks. Finally, apply lip gloss to your lips, and dab a tiny bit high on your cheekbones to make your skin look dewy.

When it comes to applying makeup on an airplane, less is more. Use sheer, shimmery shades and a light touch, and you’ll step off the plane looking fresh, relaxed, and ready for your trip.