Dear SkyMall, we hardly knew ye, but we are sad to see you go. You managed to provide us with endless entertainment fodder during cross-country flights. Instead of discussing grandchildren or weather conditions with our seatmates, we could always turn to our trusty in-flight magazine for things to talk about. Nothing kicks off a conversation like, “Wow, check this out. A giant, hand-painted bigfoot yeti statue for the garden.”

And nary a time did we land at our destination without finding the perfect gift for our persnickety Aunt Barb. She loves grilling in the dark, and there you were with your LED grill light/spatula combo just when we needed you. is proud to say we have partnered with SkyMall on several blog posts, and our team was happy to put some of our favorite products to the test one last time. Sniff. As we bid adieu to the SkyMall of yore and welcome in a new era of in-flight SkyMall entertainment, here is a (very abbreviated) list representing the best of SkyMall as we choose to remember you:

Falling In is for Yahoos 


Hubby left the seat up again? No one could ever be surprised by the position of their porcelain throne when they’ve installed a handy dandy glow-in-the-dark toilet seat. We can personally vouch that it’s as easy to install as any other seat, and it doubles as a night light. So practical, and a bit fun if we do say so.


Smell Ya Later, Alligator 


Explaining our love of pizza got old, but thankfully we can let our shirts do the talking now. Some of the best SkyMall products we ever encountered are the scented T-shirts. When we’re out of perfume and want to put out a cosmopolitan musk (or smell like hot dogs, whatever), the scented tee is always here for us. This picture above shows a few of us enjoying these fragrant frocks on a casual work day.

Lazy Pet Owners Rejoice 

Bailey and Lady have a penchant for chasing things, and the healthiest way to encourage this habit is by playing ball. Still, sometimes our doggies have more energy than our throwing arms. This problem plaguing pet owners is solved with the iFetch. Now we just fire up this portable, battery-operated device and let it do the throwing and catching for us. Our biceps thank you, SkyMall.

It’s a Sharknado, Run For Cover

One of the funniest SkyMall products, we dare say of all time, is the remote-controlled inflatable shark balloon. Want to freak out Granny with a flying shark in the backyard? Now’s your chance! Looking to scare some kids by the local bay? The world is your oyster! As you can tell by the video, we were more than happy to fly this bad boy around the office—definitely a good use of our lunch hour.

We have loved working with SkyMall, and we look forward to seeing what the future holds for the brand. Still, we will always hold a special place in our hearts for the SkyMall products we came to know and love. We’re looking at you, weird monkey hat.