The best part of traveling is usually arriving at your destination, not getting free ginger ale from your super cheery flight attendant (can you have what she’s having?). Although you can’t speed up your flight, you can take control of your travel style. Whether you’re headed to Morocco for a lesson in camel rearing or New York to dance the night away with sexy strangers, change up your airport outfit and feel free to snap an in-flight selfie (you look good). We’ve put together a travel style guide below, based on flight time, so that you can turn heads even when you’re airborne:

1. The Quickie: 1-2 hours

Business Casual Outfit Set

You’ve got places to go and people to see. You’re a business traveler on the go and need to look flawless when you enter the office. Look flossy for your meeting and never break a sweat by adhering to these simple style tricks:

  • Don’t be shy about putting on makeup or doing your hair beforehand, because it should easily withstand an hour in the sky.
  • Zip into your best business suit, or keep it layered with a peplum top, dark skinny jeans, and a light blazer.
  • Wear flats while going through security, but stash some cute neutral-colored pumps in your bag to put on once you land.

Not only will you be prepared to dominate your presentation, but your look will easily go from office original to happy hour heroine when your coworkers decide that it’s 5 o’clock somewhere.

2. Cross Country: 5-7 hours

Laid Back Travel Outfit Illustration

Whether you’re headed back to your old college stomping grounds, visiting family for the holidays, or just taking a trip to get away from it all, the key to cross country flight apparel is versatility:

  • Put on a chambray shirt or a colored button down.
  • Keep it casual with black leggings or jeans, and spice things up with a fun patterned flat, think leopard print or glittery slip-ons.
  • Pack a tote bag so you’ll have easy access to all of the things you need like your smartphone, book, and any snacks you brought for the ride.
  • Put on just a touch of makeup before you travel, then apply a smidge more 30 minutes before landing.

Pull your favorite pair of sunglasses out of your tote bag as soon as your touch down and you’ll step off the plane looking fresh as a daisy.

3. International: 8-15 hours

City fashion illustration

You’re so thrilled about jet-setting off to a new country that you’re not thinking about the long flight ahead. Remember that you’re going to be strapped into a hunk of metal for a long time, and will crave comfort more than anything else:

  • Bundle up in clothes that are basically (cute) pajamas, like your trusty pair of patterned leggings and an oversized sweater (even if you’re headed somewhere tropical, planes can get quite chilly).
  • Forget about doing your hair or makeup, because hopefully you’re going to fall asleep at least once during your flight (if your neighbor would stop trying to talk to you about conspiracy theories), and falling asleep with lipstick on is like playing cosmetic roulette.
  • Bring a hat in your bag to cover up any disheveled hair once you land.
  • Definitely bring a scarf with you, because not only will it give some style to an otherwise simplistic look, but it doubles as a blanket or hand-warmer if necessary.

You don’t need us to tell you that you’re always looking amazing, but now and then, everyone needs some fashion inspiration. Board your next flight in style and feel like the fly girl you are.