Kuwait Airways Reservations

Looking for Kuwait Airways Tickets?

What began in 1954 as an air carrier to primarily serve the Middle East now serves more than 45 destinations internationally in 28 different countries. And no, Agrabah is not one of them. Today, Kuwait Airways works to provide top-notch in-flight service as well as offering a well-maintained fleet of vehicles. Which is pretty cool considering that they’ve owned some of the most technologically advanced aircraft since they leased their first jet in 1962. Despite the pursuit of the zoom zoom, their planes still maintain ample leg room. Just hop inside one of their Boeing B777s and find out for yourself. The 777 is not only one of the most fuel-efficient planes in its class, but is the first plane to be pre-assembled on a computer. But don’t just thank technology for the sweet layout of Kuwait Airways business class seats, thank Air Kuwait themselves.

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