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California knows how to party and it also knows how to make flying good again. Based out of San Francisco, Virgin America has operated with a golden state of mind since 2007. Virgin America airlines has won the title of “Best Domestic Airline” for six years and counting and consistently offers the highest quality service to its passengers. With over 20 destinations, two of which are international, Virgin America flights have mood-lighting on all of their state of the art Airbus A320 planes. So whether you’re flying solo and want to meet a handsome stranger or trying to schmooze your honey, you’ll definitely feel the ambiance when those purple lights illuminate your flight. And on top of features like touch-screen entertainment options, fleet-wide in-flight Wi-Fi, and the playful seat-to-seat delivery function (perfect for introducing yourself to the cutie in seat 4B), the Airbus A320s are 20% more environmentally friendly than the average aircraft.

Touched and Rewarded for the Very First Time

Do you find yourself traveling so often that you wish you could sprout wings? Don’t get burned like Icarus, simply join Virgin America’s Elevate® program. Get higher with Elevate than ever before because the program offers its members no black-out dates. You’ll get points that can be redeemed for travel credit when you fly with Virgin America or any of their partners. And you’ll also have top priority at certain airports when checking in for your flights, passing through security, and boarding the plane. You’ll be able to simply touch and go--Elevate makes it all happen quicker than it would without your membership.

Priced for the Penny-Wise

Of all the things you haul through the airport, buyer’s remorse shouldn’t be one of them. Book your Virgin America tickets today on to avoid giving your credit card a damaging blow and feelings of trip guilt. We offer specials and discounts on cheap airfare to make your flight as pleasant and affordable as possible. Because whether you’re flying coach or first class, you’re a VIP on

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