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Once upon a time, Hainan Airways dreamed of a world where flying wasn't a total nightmare, so they created the best happily ever after you've seen since Prince Charming brought Sleeping Beauty back to life. That's right, travelers: This Beijing-based carrier is up there with the world's finest airlines, and it never skimps on the little things. Spacious economy cabins? Check. Delicious cuisine? Check. Entertainment options that make your home system look like a half-broken Gameboy? Check, check, and triple check. Plus, Hainan Airlines USA covers nearly 500 routes in 90 cities around the world, so there's literally nowhere you can't go with this carrier. Who knows? They might even offer flights to Mars at this point. It wouldn't be out of character; when you fly with Hainan Airlines, not even the stratosphere is the limit.

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