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Let's conjure up those SAT days of yore and do a little math problem. If China Southern Airlines flies to 193 destinations in 35 countries using a fleet of 400 airplanes, how many people per year can it move? The gold star goes to anyone who said 86.5 million, but we'll also accept the simpler answer: enough to make every jaw on the planet drop simultaneously. Seriously, even your pet hamster would be impressed. Not only did this Beijing- and Guangzhou-based carrier zoom from 1988 upstart to one of the world's largest airlines in the blink of an eye, but it's also managed to do so while offering the best service you've seen since that time you got the star treatment at a tea house near Tiananmen Square. Grab your guide to the Great Wall, and stock up on some five spice; your China Southern Airways flights are about to make you happier than a competitive eater at a Peking duck restaurant.

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