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Is that a giant panda perched in the seat next to you? If so, it's time to call the flight attendant because we're pretty sure China Eastern Airlines doesn't allow those cuddly bears to hang out in the cabin. Based in Shanghai, this carrier is China's second largest, and it delivers 80 million passengers – not pandas – to more than 150 destinations in Asia, Europe, North America, and Australia every year. The company wasn't founded until 1988, but don't worry: We're not dealing with an overconfident millennial over here. Eastern China Airlines is uber-focused on world-class hospitality with Chinese-influenced charm, so you'll be treated to a whole bevy of unforgettable flight amenities from nose up to wheels down. When the only thing you remember about your last in-air experience was a snoring seatmate and some unidentifiable food, that kind of service is all the more refreshing. The world salutes you, China Eastern Air. Now, why is that panda still sitting in the aisle?

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