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Looking for Bangkok Airways Tickets?

Turn that frown upside down because you're about to log some miles to the Land of Smiles. Don't speak silly-rhyme language? That means you're getting ready to fly to and from Thailand with one of Southeast Asia's best regional carriers. Founded in 1968 as a privately owned air-taxi service, Bangkok Air now soars to nearly 50 destinations in countries like Myanmar, India, Vietnam, Hong Kong, and China, and services quite a few domestic spots too. Don't get too excited about that sky-cab thing though; you can't just hail one of these puppies from the street. Bangkok Airway strives to be the most friendly and reliable boutique airline in the business, so you're looking at service that goes light-years beyond that surly taxi driver who raced you to the airport. Unclench those knuckles, say a quick kob khun krap, and thank the man. At least you got to the gate on time.

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