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Book a flight on Aer Lingus and hope that your in-flight neighbor doesn’t have the gift of gab! And even if they do, don’t sweat it. Just say you can’t understand their thick brogue and pretend to fall asleep. Aerlingus was founded in 1936 by the Irish government to transport the bonny lads and lassies of Ireland across the pond to the UK. Known for stocking its aircraft with ultra-friendly staff members and their iconic shamrock logo, Aer Lingus flights are as much a part of Ireland as the Blarney Stone. But don’t let yourself get swept away in the folklore. Serving cities all over Europe, North America, the Middle East, and Australia, Aer Lingus flights are no small potatoes. Did somebody say potatoes?

Gold Circle Club

No, we’re not talking about a golden Claddagh ring. The Gold Circle Club is an Irish tradition all its own. Earn and spend miles when you make Aer Lingus reservations or reservations with their partner airlines. Or you can always go buck wild spending your points on retail purchases. Either way, Gold Circle members get to pass the time in between flights in Aer Lingus lounges. Green never looked so good.

Top ‘o the Booking to Ya!

What are you waiting for, laddie? Hustle up and take advantage of our Aer Lingus deals today on And while you do need to book A.S.A.P., there’s no need to run towards our prices like Liam Neeson toward his daughter in “Taken.” Because here on, we always present you with the lowest possible prices. You’ll get personalized flight recommendations to help you build the ideal itinerary, while getting the best deals out there. But you can tell all your friends you just got lucky, wink wink.

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