Looking for Dominican Republic Flights?

If there was ever a time for you to start working on your Merengue moves, for god’s sakes, man, do it now. Your trip to the Dominican Republic is just around the corner and the night clubs of Punta Cana are not the place to debut your novice attempt at hip gyrations. If you book your cheap flights to the Dominican Republic today, you’ll still have plenty of time to try to pick up some moves via YouTube. Too bad rhythm can’t be taught, but you still have time to learn a few essential Spanish phrases like “si,” “gracias,” and “o mi dios era que un mono?!” Before you start worrying about monkeys, focus on all the fun you’re going to have during your tropical getaway. Just make sure you don’t get third-degree sunburns the first day you spend on Bávaro Beach because sitting in a bathtub of aloe vera could mean missing out on hiking to Damajaqua Cascades.